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Dr Myron Johnson, PHD

Founder/ CEO / Director

An educational leader and Psychologist with a background in leadership development, human development, policy studies and community relations Dr. Johnson is adept at developing solutions to 21st century societal ills within the human psyche. Armed with Degrees of education such as a BA in English 18th century Literature, MA in Education, MA in Education Administration and a Doctorate in Educational Psychology.  Having worked in differentiated venues of training and leadership in his career and now as a licensed Clinical psychologist Dr. Johnson encompasses varied experiences to assist those who are struggling with mental illness in developing a panacea to living a happy, healthy and balanced life. The founder/ Principal of Pinnacle Enrichment Healthcare Services, LLC a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program that offers a menu of services such as individualized counseling, Depression management, grief counseling, substance abuse therapy to name a few which serve to promote and empower recovery for the overall well-being of the total man/woman.

Meet Our Team


Meet Our Team

Washington DC- DDS 

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