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Our Approach

We believe that wellness and sickness are a part of a

lifelong partnership. Our Team is dedicated and will ensure that you get the best type of care and assistance you and your family need. 

Pinnacle Enrichment Healthcare Services, LLC provides both onsite and offsite behavioral health and psychiatric rehabilitation services to individuals 18 years of age and older to residents of Prince George’s County Maryland, Washington. DC.  Currently medication management services are provided by Chinedu health psychiatry.

Doctor's Desk


Mental Health

As a leader in Behavioral Health, PEHSLLC provides services throughout the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia region for patients with psychiatric disorders and their families.


Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

We will help you focus on six area: Self Determination, Self-Advocacy, Supporting Familied, Housing, Employment and Assistive Technology


Learning about Different Symptoms and Disorders

We Strive to help You understand the many disorders and symptoms. Guiding Families with the right tools 

Therapy Sessions

Getting Support

You may begin your treatment process by calling our office to  schedule an intake appointment with our licensed clinicians.

We look forward in being of assistance.



                               Office: 301-877-1400

                               Fax:      301-576-7968

                              Life threating Emergency Call 911

If you are thinking about suicide or are worried about a friend or loved one and would like to speak with someone.

                                     Please call 988

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